It’s no secret that I love maps.  The coloring in a map really is just spectacular.  And they are still neutral.  How often does that happen?  Bright and colorful…yet neutral!  Gotta love that!!!  Another thing that I love is a bookcase!  You can put books on it (duh), but you can also put pretty much anything else in it.  Or on top of it.  Baskets can conceal junk or things can be showcased.  It helps me feel organized…and I will take all of that feeling that I can get!  It is painted in Annie Sloan Old White, distressed, and sealed with a poly.  The maps are pages from a Texas Atlas and are also sealed.  It is 4 feet tall and 38 inches at the widest point.



3 things I learned while doing this piece:

1.  Turner Falls is BEAUTIFUL.  And creeks are so much more fun than lakes as far as this Mommy is concerned.

2.  It is possible to sleep with a 6 year old between your legs…ALL night…during a storm…on a bed that is approx. 10 inches wide.  AND still be able to walk the next day!

3.  Summer tv show options stink!


Bright blue rocker

I’ve had this rocker for a long time.  I originally thought it would be brown…but it just wasn’t fitting.  Then I realized it needed more life than that!  It needed to be bright and beautiful…and somewhat trendy (cause that is NOT a bad word HA!).  While laying in bed one night last week (yes, this happens often), I realized it needed to be blue.  Really blue!  Like ROYAL!  And so there she is!  Such a pretty blue!  I looked for this pillow at like 4 places before I found one I liked.  I think this one is a great fit!  And an outdoor fabric too.  It will come with the rocker – they need to be together!  🙂



3 Things I learned while doing this piece:

1.  Summer time is here!!!  And so are my children…ALL THE TIME.  I sure do love them, but this scares me a little.

2.  Some paints take 5-7 days to really dry.

3.  Sonic ice is my new bff.  A cherry vanilla coke zero with extra ice has been my saving grace twice this week!

Planter Collection

Spring is here!  And Summer is coming!  This makes me want to plant things!  I really like to put plants in things other than pots.  Some pots are really beautiful, but that is just too boring to do over and over (it is pricey too)!  So…I look at things and wonder what kind of plant I can put in it!  HA!  I have done an old cash register with some plants.  Old light fixtures attached to teacup saucers with plants.  Dresser drawers with plants.  Baskets with plants.  Crates with plants.  And a few other things too.  This time, I painted baskets and planted in them.  First color was neon green, but turned out to be more yellow.  Second color is good, old duck egg.  Who doesn’t love some duck egg???  Of course, if you buy the planter…you get the plant too.  And for the record…I am a fan of easy plants!  What unique planter ideas have you had?

Planters 1 and 2
Planters 1 and 2

Planter 1 $15

photo (11)

Planter 2 $15

photo (10)

Planter 3 $25

photo (12)

photo (7)

Planter 4 $20

photo (9)

photo (8)

3 Things I learned while doing these:

1.  The trigger connection for a spray paint can is worth the $5.

2.  It is nearly impossible to kill a succulent.

3.  A blue lawn is a cute lawn.

Oval Shabby Chic Chalkboard

Look at that!  Yet another piece I want to keep!  HA!  This piece is painted in Annie Sloan’s Old White, distressed, and embelleshed with flowers.  It is 19 inches at it’s widest and 23 at tallest.  I probably don’t have to say it…but I LOVE A GOOD CHALKBOARD!  So many possibilities!!!  Tell someone Happy Birthday, write a quote, write a verse, count down, draw a picture…endless possibilities!!!


photo (5)

photo (6)

3 Things I learned while doing this piece:

1.  540 Mercantile is a super cute shop on the square in downtown McKinney!  And the owner is as sweet as they come!

2.  Stonebridge Ranch garage sale is this weekend and the excitement is making the week go by SLOW.

3.  Mission Regan’s Softball Tourney is going to be FUN!!!  Visit for more info on that!  Still some space for your team.

Light Fixture

Oh. My. Word!!! I LOVE this piece SO much!!! I don’t know how I am going to be able to say goodbye to it!!! I got this net at a sale and KNEW what I had to do with it!


Light Fixture

3 things I learned while doing this piece:

1.  I can do hard things.

2.  If you sign up for a family membership, your kids can stay a half hour longer at the Ikea play area!

3.  Winning an online auction and driving to Fort Worth from McKinney with two toddlers makes you REALLY wish you won more than a couple buckets and mattress springs…

Tall stool on wheels

There is something wonderful about the mixture of industrial with shabby chic in this stool.  It’s cozy, cute, and crafty too!  Recovered with printed burlap…it is nice and durable!  It would be GREAT by itself or pulled up to a tall desk.  Stick it in the corner for everyone to look at, then pull it up when you need an extra spot for someone’s rear end.  🙂




3 Things I learned while doing this piece:

1.  Chevron burlap is hard to find.

2.  It’s ok if chevron burlap is hard to find.

3.  Flowery burlap is cuter than chevron burlap sometimes.

Antique Side Table

This piece is so stinking cool!  First…it is OLD.  Second…it is so handsome.  That’s right…it is HANDSOME.  Not beautiful (ok…maybe it is both).  I think this is the most masculine piece I have done!  Of course, that doesn’t say much…I tend to lean to the frilly…dainty…pretty side of things.  But, this piece is a little different.  I was blessed with it by a friend.  And I love him.  He has a story…and I love to think of what it is.  I think that if this piece were a person…it would be a kind, gentle, caring man.  Maybe a Daddy?  Of a little girl…who was just born…and is finding out what it is like to REALLY love.  I bet he would be handsome…and strong…and muscular on the outside, but delicate as a magnolia on the inside.  And THIS my friends…is why I LOVE this piece!  He is painted in Annie Sloan Versailles, distressed, and is about 26 inches wide and 13 from front to back.



photo (3)

photo (2)

3 things I learned while doing this piece:

1.  I am an equal opportunity painter.

2.  It is ROSE BLOOMIN time!!!  YAY!!!!!!!

3.  Texas weather makes me look like a Mom who doesn’t know how to dress her children properly.